Hey SF! We Want to See Your Jazz Hands!

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Hey SF! We Want to See Your Jazz Hands!

While cities like New York, Chicago and Memphis take all of the credit for blues and jazz, San Francisco is right on par with the greats, both in its history and claims to fame. Today, jazz and blues are alive and well and experiencing a rebirth as iconic SF venues continue to show legendary acts and the younger venues keep up and coming talent on the stage. So sit back, grab a luscious bottle of wine and read on.


Rock out to shows like Bay City Blues with Chris Cain & Special Guest Tony Lindsay at Biscuits and Blues in Lower Nob Hill on October 20th are just the icing on the cake at this venue, which also serves up a hearty and tasty serving of Cajun cuisine. Hello, Jambalaya!


Are you a newbie to the world of music, and jazz in particular? Well, "Jazz By The Numbers: An Introduction to the Fundamentals" at SFJAZZ blues venue in Hayes Valley is a great way to quell your curiosity. This series takes you through the basics of jazz and answers questions like: What is a downbeat? October 21st.


Get a little grittier at the Boom Boom Room in Lower Pac Heights, which offers up a mix of everything from jazz to hip hop, and is great if you want to get lost on the dance floor. Meandering through North Beach? Venture inside for some live blues and a living history lesson as well.


Last on our little list is Sheba Piano Lounge, perfect for a date night type of evening. Sheba serves up Ethiopian food, jazz and all of the right notes.


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