Barbary Coast Trail

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Barbary Coast Trail
Discover some of the most historic sites in San Francisco wandering along on a Barbary Coast Trail walking tour. This unique activity will give you a rare glimpse into California’s storied past, with stops that range from scenes of the Gold Rush and the Barbary Coast to the major earthquake in 1906 and the booming beatnik culture perhaps best captured by Jack Kerouac’s renowned novel ‘On the Road’.

The trail connects all the most must-see sites in a 3.8-mile path along mostly flat terrain. These warm spring days are the perfect time to stroll through Downtown, Union Square, Chinatown, Portsmouth Square, Jackson Square Historic District, Old Barbary Coast, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghiradelli Square, and many other local spots. Along the way, you’ll stumble across a treasure trove of fascinating finds. Saunter along the plaza where Sam Brannan started the Gold Rush, and see a graveyard of buried Gold Rush ships. A knowledgeable guide will point out where sailors were once held hostage in a shanghaiing den, as well as the first Asian temple in North America.  

The layers upon layers of history will be woven together in an interesting framework along the walking tour. You can sit in a barstool where Beat author Jack Kerouac once enjoyed a cold drink, view the impeccable architecture of Italianate Victorian buildings, and see the largest collection of historic ships in the country. All along the path, you can behold the breathtaking backdrop of the San Francisco Bay. Delicious restaurants surround the walking tour, so you can work up an appetite as you explore these historic sites and scenes of San Francisco.

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