Where's the Griffon

About 4 year(s) ago by Hotel Griffon
Where's the Griffon
Hello to all of our guests at the Hotel Griffon! Were you able to uncover the name of the iconic San Francisco structure pictured behind me in the photo? As you may have guessed, it’s the Golden Gate Bridge!

The world-famous Golden Gate Bridge was originally named after the harbor in Constantinople called, the "Golden Home." Although most would typically think the color of the bridge would be gold, the official color of the Golden Gate Bridge is actually "International Orange!" This color was originally intended to be the primer for the bridge, but its contrast with the Marin County countryside and brightness amidst the fog eventually convinced the citizens of San Francisco to keep the bridge the same color. The bridge is almost constantly in the process of being painted because of its scale; as soon as the paint crew reaches the end, it’s time to start again!

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous attractions of San Francisco and may be the most well-known skyline feature of the city. Whether you’re biking, driving, or walking across the bridge or even just taking in the view from afar, the Golden Gate Bridge is a staple of the San Francisco and is just a short drive away from my home at the Hotel Griffon!
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