Where is the Griffon?

About 4 year(s) ago by Hotel Griffon
Where is the Griffon

Greetings guests of the Hotel Griffon! Did you guess what iconic San Francisco building is featured behind me in the picture? It’s the San Francisco Ferry Building!


The San Francisco Ferry Building first opened in 1898 and was the main gate for ferry and train travel into the city. At the time, the ferry was the only way for all residents of the East Bay and those travelers not coming from the Peninsula to get into San Francisco. The Ferry’s Building clock tower was originally modeled after a cathedral in Spain and is now a well-known symbol of San Francisco.

Now that we have the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge, the necessity of the Ferry Building’s use as a hub of transportation has become less prevalent; however, this famous building still sees a great deal of foot traffic and is a popular tourist attraction because of its unparalleled views of the bay, bustling indoor marketplace, and weekly farmers markets! Located just a few steps from the Hotel Griffon, the San Francisco Ferry Building is a must-see San Francisco attraction!
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