Eco-Friendly San Francisco Hotel - Green Initiatives

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Eco-Friendly San Francisco Hotel - Green Initiatives

Earth Day is April 22, but our eco-friendly hotel is dedicated to being green 365 days a year. As a certified member of the California Green Lodging Association, we've been recognized for our efforts towards sustainable practices, energy efficiency, and environmental responsibility. Our boutique hotel has also been certified at the Silver Level by Green Seal Inc. - and we take our eco-friendly status very seriously. Some of the green initiatives at our hotel (and other Greystone properties) include:

  • Recycling bins in guest rooms and common areas
  • Leftover food is donated or composted
  • CFL light bulbs, printer and copier toner cartridges are recycled
  • Energy-efficient business hardware, central air and appliances
  • Potted plants that tolerate climate and available soil and water
  • Use of recycled paper product
  • Valet parking discount for hybrid vehicles
  • Clean the World collection, recycling and reuse of soap, toiletries and bath amenities
  • Donations to Leading Environment Conservation Group

Do you have questions about our eco-conscious policies and practices? We'd be happy to help you out with the answers, and to assist with reservations for your next stay at our San Francisco hotel. Please contact our hotel at your convenience by calling 1 (415) 495-2100 for bookings and additional information.

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