New Eco-friendly Product: Complimentary Press Reader

About 4 year(s) ago by Hotel Griffon
New Eco-Friendly Product at San Francisco Hotel
Enjoy some downtime during your stay at our hotel with free newspapers and periodicals available right at your fingertips. The perfect way to relax and unwind when you’re on the road, you can get absorbed in an interesting read and make yourself at home while you’re here. Our hotel is now offering a new eco-friendly product that’s perfect for out-of-town travel – complimentary access to more than 2,000 newspapers from around the world, plus current-day magazines. Rather than lugging your reading material in your suitcase, you’ll get a card in your key packet that will give you the details to connect the App to you through your smartphone, tablet, or even laptop computer with a working Wi-Fi connection. (You can get complimentary high speed Internet at our hotel, too.)  

With our new Press Reader, you can follow news stories from across the nation from your hometown to San Francisco, and find interesting articles from all over the world. Or you can browse through the catalog of current magazines to learn something new or stay entertained with the latest scoop in pop culture and celebrity gossip. You can tap into this virtual collection anywhere, anytime with the app on your iPhone, Android, or tablet. With a working Wi-Fi connection, you can even scan headlines and read full stories on your laptop. All of the content will show up on your screen, including photos, so you won’t miss a thing.

This go-green amenity is available throughout your stay, and we welcome you to download as many newspapers as you want with no limit. When you’re ready to catch your flight and head back home, you can load up with as many articles as you want to make your travel time breeze by.  

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