Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

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Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival
April 11-12 and April 18-19, 2015
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The cherry blossoms are on the cusp of reaching their peak beauty in Northern California. It happens in the blink of an eye - these flowering trees bloom in spectacular color for a few short weeks before they're gone again. The Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates cherry blossoms as a rich symbol in Japanese culture. Aligning with Buddhist spiritual beliefs, these trees represent how transient and short-lived everything is, including life itself. For 48 years, this community event has made the most of this fleeting time to enjoy it while it lasts.   The two-weekend festival is the largest of its kind outside of Washington D.C., and it's an opportunity to enjoy nature and culture on the west coast.

Immerse yourself in the traditional Japanese way of life from dancing and singing to a variety of martial arts demonstrations. You'll also have the opportunity to taste authentic cuisine at the locally sponsored food bazaar. Set amid a background of vibrant colors, the festivities will take place at the scenic, sprawling Japan Center. You'll have the chance to learn something new like ikebana (flower arranging), sumi-e (ink painting), bonsai, origami and doll making. The little ones will enjoy arts and crafts activities at this family-friendly event. In addition to all these activities, you're welcome to wander around Japantown for even more festive fun.

Don't miss the Japanese-style parade on Sunday, April 19th. To wrap up all these festivities, hundreds of musicians and dancers will march along the streets outfitted with samurai swords and colorful kimonos.  Find the full event schedule at

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