27th Annual Pi Day San Francisco Exploratorium March 14

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Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter: 3.14. Pi Day is an international celebration of math and science - and you can experience the best of it during Pi Day at the Exploratorium on March 14. Much more than a museum, the Exploratorium is a 21st-century learning lab, an always-changing playground for exploring, discovering, tinkering and making. It features hundreds of exhibits about science, art, and human perception. Highlights of Pi Day at the Exploratorium include numerous exhibits, attractions and activities that let you explore the worlds of:

* Circuit Boards
* Retrofitting
* Body Language
* Sports Science
* Piezoelectric Microphones
* Chain Reactions
* Ocean Exploration
* Seeds & culture
* The Body Farm
* Light Play
* Astronomy & Outer Space
* Sound & Hearing
* Outdoors
* Darkness & Light
* Geology
* Food & Cooking
* ...plus so much more!

The Exploratorium is situated at Pier 15 on the Embarcadero, just down the waterfront from our luxurious boutique hotel, 0.7 miles away. Our guests enjoy gorgeous surroundings, contemporary style and exceptional service. Stay in a relaxing guestroom or suite and indulge in delectable on-site dining.  Our eco-conscious hotel also features eco-friendly bath amenities, recycled stationary, and several green certifications. Would you like to know more about Pi Day, San Francisco attractions, or lodging at our beautiful hotel? Please call us at your convenience at 1 (415) 495-2100 for more information, or to make your booking today.

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