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Where's the Griffon?

It's that time again! Can you guess where our favorite mascot, the Griffon, is off to now based on the picture?
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SF Giants Game Giveaways at AT&T Park

Giveaways at Giants Games This Season

For fans of Major League Baseball, the season is heating up in San Francisco's AT&T Stadium. Grab your tickets to watch the SF Giants take on rival teams, and you'll have the opportunity to get free merchandise during this season's giveaways. From t-shirts to fedoras to Giants beach towels, each game gives attendees a chance to snag some cool souvenirs.
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San Francisco Giants 2014

Giants Season

Listen to the crack of the bat, smell the fresh-cut grass and taste the garlic fries: baseball season has arrived. The San Francisco Giants Major League Baseball team plays at AT&T Park, located one mile from our hotel along the scenic SF waterfront. Take your family and friends to experience the great American pastime and enjoy a thrilling day at the ballpark.
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The Griffon - Battle of the Bay

Hello Friends! Can you guess where I will be this week? I'll give you some hints…the location is walking distance from the Hotel Griffon, it's America's (and mine) favorite past time, and the city will look like Halloween in May…
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World Baseball Classic

The 2013 World Baseball Classic comes to San Francisco's AT&T park in March, featuring top sports talent from around the world in a competition to be number one!
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