Fleet Week San Francisco

About 5 year(s) ago by Hotel Griffon
From October 4th through 8th, 2012, Fleet Week San Francisco will be in full force. This free Bay Area event celebrates the fine naval tradition in California, and honors those brave men and women serving American in today's armed forces. The event also assists the public with disaster preparation training, as made possible by the Navy, Marines and local first responders.

A longtime tradition dating back to 1981, San Francisco Fleet Week 2012 may very well be the most anticipated Fall event in San Francisco. Organizers predict that over 1 million spectators will descend upon the city’s northern waterfront to see many spectacles—both in the air and on the sea.
The event’s incredible air show features US Navy Blue Angels, a USMC fly-by, mid-air spectacles performed by the Patriots Jet Team, and many other aerobatic and patriotic shows conducted by some of the best pilots in the world. The Parade of Ships features a number of destroyers and other military vessels that patrol—or have patrolled—the sea.. After the sun sets, you can find a variety of events at nearby venues around San Francisco Bay.
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